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Samsung The Elephant

Samsung dominates life in its home country like no other company in the world. But the slogan “what is good for Samsung is good for South Korea” is open for debate. The South Korean economy is a paradox. It has become the third largest economy in Asia after Japan and China. Its 48 million citizens have in one generation enjoyed a sizable jump in their standard of living and no country has benefited more than South Korea from the rise of China which has become a vital export market. Its sovereign credit rating was recently upgraded due to reduced tensions with North Korea and it enjoys foreign exchange reserves of over $200 billion. The Korean people should be full of satisfaction for a job well done but instead are rather a discontented lot. Its per capita income is about one third that of the OECD average. Economic growth is expected in the 3-4% range closer to a mature economy than an Asian tiger. Unemployment is becoming an issue and a stronger currency and relatively high wage levels are crimping exports which account for 40% of its economy. Exports are up only 7% this year after a 31% jump last year. After a credit card binge, average net consumer borrowing is equal to 100% of disposable income and the bank of Korea recently bumped up its benchmark rate for the first time in three years. What is going on here? Somewhat surprisingly, South Korea is experiencing many of the same outsourcing issues that Americans complain about. It was the largest investor in China last year with over $6 billion in fixed investments. Its largest steel maker POSCO announced its intention to invest $12 billion in a steel plant in India where it already runs 24 steel companies. Hyundai manufactures 600,000 autos in China and its affiliate Kia makes 150,000 more. Meanwhile Samsung Electronics has become Asia’s largest technology company by market cap (larger than Sony), and its largest maker of memory chips and flat panel screens and mobile phones. Samsung enjoys a credit rating higher than South Korea’s sovereign rating. With 62 affiliates, the Samsung group dominates life in Korea like no other company in history. It represents 15% of the nation’s total economic activity, 25% of the capitalization of the KOSPI stock market and the taxes it pays represent almost 10% of total government income! Samsung, up 25% so far this year, is still attractive at about 11 times consensus 2006 earnings estimates and its operating profit was up 29% in the third quarter. Despite third quarter net income declining 30%, a strong fourth quarter is expected. There is a shortage of LCD television panels and its flash memory chip global market share exceeds 60%. As prices have come down flash chip sales have gone up 40%. But the company is not a terrific play on the South Korean economy. Rather it is a global play on its three key markets and the expected payoff from its extraordinary commitment to R&D. The South Koreans are discontented because the five largest companies are growing outside the country more than in it and at a stage of development where it should be more competitive manufacturing onshore. The challenge is the low cost manufacturing platform with huge economies of scale just next door – the issue is China. Samsung already has already has 29 plants and 50,000 workers in China. Since China is already starting to manufacture stuff like machine tools that the South Koreans were busily exporting in 2003 and 2004, South Korean planners believe it must quickly transform itself into a finance, communications and transportation hub – akin to the role of Singapore or Switzerland. The question then becomes do they have the right companies, the right skills and what is its competitive advantage? Together, Samsung, POSCO, KEPCO (Korea Electric Power) and SK Telecom account for almost 50% of South Korean stock market’s market capitalization. To use a basketball analogy, the South Korean starting five are strong but its bench is a bit thin and its team has lost the home court advantage. The problem is not Samsung but rather that they need about ten more Samsungs. The top four companies also make up 40% of the South Korea iShare (EWY) ETF which is up 29% so far this year. Samsung alone accounts for 23% of this ETF and buying the iShare gives you more exposure to the top ten South Korean companies. I am trimming our position in the South Korea iShare to take some profits off the table and with the expectation that the stronger won and higher interest rates will lead to a slowdown in exports. Together with the likely re-emergence of the North Korean problem, this may very well undermine investor confidence. Bottom line: buy Samsung based on valuation and top notch global reach and R&D but expect tougher going for the South Korean economy as China turns from robust export market to direct competitor.

Elephant Culling

There are always huge debates as to whether the culling of elephant is ethical or not. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and in my opinion and many others, it MUST be done. If we don’t cull we will still lose many 1000’s of elephants as well as many other different species of game along with them in the future. The Kruger National Park is a massive 20 000 square kilometres surrounded by a fence and because of this fence it is not a 100% natural environment which as a result requires grooming such as culling, stocking up of rare animal species from other reserves and controlled fires to keep it as natural as possible. The Problem 150 years ago there were no fences dividing countries which prevent the natural movement of game forced by the change in seasons. Many animals migrating in search of food and or water died, especially old, weak and injured individuals, possibly as a result of not reaching their destinations on time. This would help control the numbers of many game species, leaving only the strong and healthy to survive. With the development of conservation areas such as the Kruger National Park, with all its man-made dams and abundance of thick vegetation, there is very rarely a shortage of food or water for game resulting in the massive increase in the elephant population. It’s hard to believe that the Kruger national Parks’ elephant population was almost totally wiped out just 100 years ago due to excessive hunting and poaching and today it sits on about 12 000, which is 4 500 above the natural carrying capacity with the population increasing close to 3% every year! If populations get too high, the impact on vegetation will be devastating as elephants require huge amounts of food to sustain their large bodies along with their weak digestive systems. Large bulls will eat as much as 250 kg of vegetation and drink up to 180 litres of water every day! Of all the African herbivores the elephant has the most varied diet in terms of different plant species, eating almost every plant if finds and who knows, with too many elephant how many plant species may be lost forever. The elephants’ favourite food is grass. If an area is over-populated, in time the ground will be totally stripped of all grass which may result in serous erosion as the root systems of the grasses would normally hold the soil together. Areas that have been severely over-grazed and eroded may take many years to recover back to a suitable state and in some cases never recover. Grazing animals such as wildebeest, zebra, white rhino and hippopotamus will eventually die off if there is no grass to eat or nowhere else to find more. When all the grass has been eaten, the elephant then concentrate more on feeding off trees and shrubs. It’s not just the leaves they eat but also the roots and bark of certain trees. They uproot trees, strip off bark and before we know it there are 1000’s of dead trees as far as the eye can see. So what use to be lush thick vegetation with allsorts of beautiful trees and shrubs now looks like a desert with lots of sand, heavily eroded areas, tree stumps and the bones of all the animals that have now died of starvation, all of this as a result of nothing been done to properly solve the over-population of elephant. Solutions? Relocation of elephants to other game reserves: Sounds good but it only helps temporarily as eventually space in these reserves runs out and the cost of moving them becomes more expensive as they have to be moved even further away to new areas. With over 300 elephant born into the Kruger National Park every year you can imagine the cost of moving 300 every year just to keep the population constant at 12 000. Helicopters, pilots, vets, sedative drugs, transportation trucks, fuel, legal papers, all of this costs a lot when moving elephants to other game reserves or countries. Female Contraception: The female elephants are given a contraceptive injection which is highly effective but needs to be administered roughly every 6 months to keep working. Not all females are given the contraceptive which still allows the births of a few calves into the herds. This exercise is extremely expensive especially with large populations where 1000’s of females are given the injection every 6 months. The population growth slows down but still doesn’t solve the over-population problem. Cropping: Cropping is the process where small amounts of game are shot over a long period of time. An example of this would be taking out say 5 or 10 animals per week over a period of a couple months. Cropping works but has the down side that the visibility may be poor in the summer and early winter months, making it very difficult when shooting on the ground or from helicopters. Culling: Culling is the process whereby a fairly large amount of animals are shot within a short period of time, for example; shooting say 200 elephants in the space of 3 weeks. This may come across a very cruel, but to date has been the only real long term effective method used. Culling operations are done in the shortest possible time to lessen the stress on the animals been shot. Before culling was put to an end in 1997 the Kruger had a very healthy population of elephant. The tusks of culled animals were stored in safe warehouses or often burnt and much of the meat was processed for tin food which was given to poor communities and used by staff members of the park. Hyenas, jackals, vultures and many other scavenging animals made sure to clean up the rest of any carcasses left behind. For now the game reserves that can afford it are using female contraception and relocating elephants. There are ongoing talks about bringing back culling but still no change. One day in the future ‘they’ will realise that culling is the answer but by that time it will be too late. If only ‘they’ would fully understand.

Far Cry Primal: Brutal in the BC

Far Cry Primal- Brutal in the BCFar Cry Primal (Xbox One)

Far Cry Primal is a perfect example of taking what works, implementing enhancements, and not subtracting from the formula. With scenes of absolute beauty, visceral brutality, and touching emotional notes, Primal does some interesting things and ultimately proves itself a valid and welcome offshoot to the series. Much in the vein of Blood Dragon before (albeit a very different game), Far Cry Primal is a solid all-around and fleshed out addition to the franchise. Although it doesn’t necessarily leap the series to incredible new heights, it does everything it does so well that you’ll just have fun hunting, fighting, and building your Wenja destiny.

Far Cry Primal deserves a bit of recognition on multiple fronts, but what I believe truly deserves recognition is the upfront premise. When we were told of a Far Cry set in the early stages of the homo erectus tribal formations and the very genesis of society as we know it today, most were excited, some looked sideways, but all of us were a bit surprised. This isn’t the Ubisoft we remember for playing it safe in the past – less Assassin’s Creed 2016 and more the Ubisoft we see glints of with games like Grow Home, Valiant Hearts, and Far Cry Blood Dragon. This is the Ubisoft we love because they take a chance on a game that pundits might paint as a “never going to happen”. Luckily for all involved, Far Cry Primal hits every note that it needs to, and will certainly serve as a memorable entry to the franchise.

The player is put in the shoes (or maybe feet? Shoes aren’t really a thing yet) of Takkar, member of the Wenja tribe which has been all but destroyed by the Udam, a rival clan from the northern realms of the map where the only thing sharper than their spears is the bite of the cold. The Udam burned our village, and are man-eaters, and rightly deserve to meet our crude bone and stone weapons in violent fashion. Along with the Wenja and Udam, the Izila inhabit the southern region of the map, and sport a blue body paint and worship fire in a near obsessive and zealous way. Both rival factions are unique in their own right, and aren’t just pallet swaps – the Udam are the more barbarous of the bunch, while Izila are leaner and don’t sport the heavy pelts as they don’t need them in the warmer regions.

Through Takkar’s journey we meet many supporting characters, each benefiting from rebuilding of the Wenja homeland through our village. Takkar must find these Wenja and build them back to greatness, with each character returning to the village providing their own perks and benefits. Sayla is our gatherer, she allows Takkar to get perks we’ve seen in past Far Cry games like additional resources when harvesting plants or animals and more. She also serves as a major story player, as her proud Wenja background serves her motivation to see the Udam destroyed. Tensay, the shaman, shares the same sentiment Sayla does toward the Udam but directed at the Izila, as he was personally touched by their flames long ago. Other characters like Karoosh, Wogah, Jayma, and Urki pop up to help flesh out the skills menu in a new and interesting way. Unlike past games where the skills are just in the menu to unlock, Primal has the player level up huts by collecting resources in the world via hunting or foraging, then spending those resources on upgrading said hut and unlocking skills, crafting weapons as well as clothing for the cold northern regions. It’s an interesting spin on the formula that gives us more than Far Cry 4’s two or three main characters, and these Wenja are pretty fun to listen to or get invested with as they all have unique personalities and stories of their own.

Far Cry Primal could be a quick affair if you decided to just power through the main story, but this is my word of caution; do not do that. You’d be cheating yourself not to check out Karoosh’s journey for vengeance, or helping the almost certainly insane Urki in his journey to better himself and the Wenja. Perhaps most interesting of the bunch just for the sheer cool factor is Jayma’s beast hunts. Much like the rare beast hunts in past Far Cry games, you’re tasked with stalking and killing these legendary beasts, with each being incredibly satisfying from beginning to end. Far Cry Primal seems to depart from the formula here as it isn’t just a matter of going through the main quest lines, but can be enjoyed more by helping out your citizens.

Some of the most memorable early impressions of Far Cry Primal include the sheer beauty of the world of Oros. Much like the Himalayan ranges in Far Cry 4, the backdrops are spectacular, but in contrast to the somewhat repetitive and less-than-memorable in-between spaces of 4, Primal is so beautiful throughout the entirety of the map that it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate. The day/night cycle in Primal is used to incredible effect, as more dangerous and rare animals come out with the sun falling, and touches like glowing eyes in predators set an absolutely incredible mood and atmosphere for wandering the world at night. Walking from the grassland portions of the map to any of the other regions for the first time is an experience – the northern realms coated in snow, the southwest with a completely different feel and foliage to all the surroundings. There was some exacting degree of attention paid to the map design as a whole, and the game benefits greatly from it. I found myself wandering just to reveal more of the map, and see what lied ahead for Takkar in the next region.

Returning in the way of mechanics is nearly all things that make a Far Cry game in the modern age recognizable; bonfires and outposts to capture for fast travel, hunting differing species in order to craft upgraded equipment, and some incredibly good acting from the cast of characters. The entire game is voiced in the language of Oros, subtitled which might be a pet peeve for most, but personally as I play all games with subtitles on, it didn’t really detract from the experience, reminding me of watching Apocalypto. Instead I found myself bouncing from reading the subtitles to watching Sayla and her great on screen presence, or Ull, leader of the Udam, command the screen as he schools me on their tribe’s ways. Each of the characters pulls the player in to the performance, and it’s easy to lose yourself in the responsibility being laid upon you as Takkar.

Far Cry Primal is also a game of new mechanics and features being brought into the space – most of which will work for this game but I have a hard time picturing moving forward without some definite tweaking or rework in a different time setting. While at this point I feel like I’m just going to be rattling off features, there’s some truly impressive and fun additions that need to be at the very least touched upon. Instead of using binoculars to scout out camps and outposts, Takkar commands an owl that can fly overhead like a primitive UAV. The owl can mark enemies, attack them, drop bee bombs and other primitive grenades, as well as command your beasts to attack a target from the air. The beast hunts themselves prove to reward the player with the legendary beasts to command and ride if they have the skills unlocked, but the player can also tame and command beasts in the wild on their own. Throwing bait in order to distract powerful predators like wolves, jaguars, and mammoths will allow Takkar to sneak up and hold X to tame, then command the beasts through the rest of the game. These beasts might take some damage and even perish from time to time, but Takkar can use the D-pad to select a new beast, or revive his fallen buddy. Each beast has their own stats as well, and might possess skills like growling to indicate a nearby threat.

Weapons may have been a concern for some, as the focus of core gameplay in past Far Cry games has been the weapons and how you use them to progress. Players need not worry, as each weapon feels great, appropriate, and has variation throughout the gameplay. Spears are your precision strike, short-range weapon, while the club is a sweeping striker, and the bow handles your long range attacks. Each of these has a heavy variant, and each can be thrown to do damage as well. It’s entirely satisfying when throwing a spear at an enemy to have it stick right in their core, and being able to recover it or quickly craft another via the weapon wheel makes the consequence of losing one real, but somewhat minimal as if you’ve got resources, you’ve got a new spear to make. Each of these can also be lit on fire from the beginning of the game in order to deal fire damage over time. The smart thing here is that you can throw your flaming weapons not just at enemies, but also to clear our brush or light a field on fire. There are a few puzzles and areas inaccessible by other means until the player as Takkar figures out they can light the thorns on fire to reveal a rock wall which can be smashed by a heavy club strike. The game does a great job at letting the player discover these things without hand holding, but not in a punishing way that breaks the experience if not discovered.

Sophisticated gaming options now available with the PSP 2

The world of gaming is always coming up with innovative products and devices that are a boon for video game lovers. There are many interesting products that have come around that have captured your attention from the PSX to the PS3. Though people love the options that are offered by traditional video gaming consoles, the need of a high quality portable video gaming option was fulfilled by the PSP. This portable device has been able to offer some of the finest options in terms of gaming and technology to technophiles all around the world. However, the newest generation portable gaming with some of the latest technological advances is now available in the one and only Next Generation Portable.

Also known as the PSP 2, this portable gaming device has recently been unveiled by the technology giant, Sony. If you are looking out for a gaming device that offers amazing gaming experiences with the best quality specifications, then you will love what the NGP has to offer. One of the biggest advancements that can be observed in this portable gaming device, as compared to the prior version, is in terms of the resolution. The brand new NGP comes with a 5 inch screen as compared to the 4.3 inch screen in the PSP. In terms of the graphics, the other advantage with the new portable gaming device is that it uses the OLED display technology and has 4 times as many pixels when compared to the previous device.

In terms of the analog sticks, many users wanted dual analog sticks and this feature is now offered with the PSP 2 Gameplay. While this feature will surely prove to be really useful for new games, it will also help you in playing certain old PS1 games that required both analog stick effortlessly. Another fantastic feature that has been made available by the NGP is the touchscreen or the rear-mounted touchpad. It will prove to be an interesting feature in this brand new portable console and it will offer an innovative option worth exploring during game play.

Without a doubt, the graphics in the next generation portable will satisfy all your needs. With the 4 core ARM Corte-A9 core CPU, you will also get a SGX543MP4+ graphics processor. With the help of this fantastic feature, the gameplay will be similar to that of the highly advanced PS3 that makes this handheld portable device all the more desirable. Additionally, there are other features added too like the 3G, WiFi, GPS, Accelerometer, gyroscope motion sensing, electronic compass, front camera and a back camera too.

There are many innovative gaming devices out there in the market but very few have been able to make an impact on gamers all across the globe like Sony�s leading consoles. With the brand new NGP, this technology giant offers you the sort of features you wanted on your portable device. However, it has an array of additional features too that will sure make you run to the nearest store to grab the PSP 2 as soon as possible!

The Best Gaming Mobile Applications

Among the many kinds of mobile applications available for smart phones, gaming apps are perhaps the world�s favorite kind. They cater to a vast range of age groups and target audience and some of them are among the most successful mobile apps downloaded worldwide. Once a developer can get their games to be popular amongst a few, the buzz spreads virally. People come to know of popular games from sources like blogs, social media platforms, and friends.

Here are some of the best gaming mobile applications ever �

Angry Birds: One of the latest and most popular mobile apps downloaded in phones around the world today. It�s a simple game of judgment. Grab a bird and use the catapult to destroy pyramids made by evil pigs. It�s fun to try getting the whole pyramid, but equally frustrating because it�s much more difficult that it sounds.

Infinity Blade: While Angry Birds is an immensely popular casual game, Infinity Blade is one of the more serious action recreations. It has extraordinary graphics and extremely good swipe based controls. Perhaps IB is one of the best iPhone / iPad apps ever. Developers say that a multiplayer mode is on its way for eagerly waiting gamers.

Cut The Rope: Like Angry Birds, �Cut The Rope� is another casual physics based game, but only for the Apple iOS. All you have to do is swipe across the screen to cut a swinging rope and feed a cute monster underneath waiting for the food.

Fieldrunners: You have to protect your tower from waves of enemies rushing towards you. Every time one of them breeches your wall you lose a life. You have to create mazes of strategically places weapons to ward them off.

Rage HD: This game is perhaps one of the best examples of how powerful the Apple iOS is. This high definition and popular shooting game is one of the best iPhone mobile apps downloadable for your device. It�s a cross between a fairground ride and a shooting gallery, and extremely well made.

Plants vs. Zombies: It has invaded PCs, Phones, and touch gadgets everywhere! One of Pop Cap Games� most popular productions, Plants vs. Zombies is wicked addictive and one of the highest rated mobile applications ever!

Street Fighter IV: The last installments of this popular franchise, ST4 is now available at rock bottom prices! This arcade fighting game is perhaps one of the longest running success stories of the video gaming world � and now it�s already a mobile application phenomenon!

Fruit Ninja: Well, fruits arrive on your screen and you have to swipe across them to slice them while avoiding the occasional bombs. It�s another casual gaming success story like �Cut The Rope�.

Pac Man Mobile: This ancient gaming classic is perhaps the best known video game in the world alongside names like Mario and Sonic. Now, it comes as mobile apps downloadable on your Apple or Android smart phone.

One of the most lucrative fields for phone software developers is gaming. Among so many mobile apps downloaded daily, at least 40% are games! You can use mobile applications for almost everything, but recreation and relaxation apps are perhaps among the most admired.

Bet On Yourself – should you trust a machine?

Have you ever noticed how drastically your approach to poker strategy changes when you play for cash versus when you play for tokens or matches?

Risk-free gambling makes you reckless. You can wager larger amounts, go all-in every other turn and care not if your decisions are miscalculated.

Equally, when you play the same game but wager your own hard-earned cash, you become more alert, deceptive and largely affected by the outcomes of your decisions. Betting on yourself makes you value every single detail that surrounds the choice you take.

When such choice involves parting with something of our own, we are most likely to use all the potential of our brains to make it as educated as we can, minimizing the risk of loss…one may think.

I wish it was like that. Instead of calculating an educated decision, they follow emotions and not the ones we fable in novels, but those, impulsive kind that rarely lead to good memories.

So how come, very few of us realize that gambling is our way of betting on ourselves? So few in fact that much of the world strictly forbids many forms of gambling, making it illegal and highly punitive. Is our nature in that much need of hand-held guidance?

I speculate on the matter often. I do little but speculate on global worldviews of human kind and find that once again, lack of desire to take responsibility for our actions allows for such things to happen.

Assume my name is Brian, and I’ve lost $5k today on an online slot machine, playing somewhere like Automatenherz or it’s “for cash” counterpart. Will I analyze my own actions and learn from it or will I look for someone to blame and hide behind it, covering my own decision to lose $5k?

The likely approach would be the latter. It is easier. I don’t have to spend more time thinking about the decision I subconsciously know, will lead to facing my own worst enemy – me. I won’t have to live with admitting that I am not infallible and the $5k decision was plain dumb. Instead, I’ll find the reason why I wasn’t the one to blame and go on with my life repeating these same things.

What is the chance of meeting an elephant in the middle of NYC? The answer is 50% – you either do or you don’t. Not all of these speculations will apply to each person but I’d bet many have found themselves in a similar predicament.

Above all I was surprised when I decided to take a second path of self-loathing and blunt finger pointing at the mirror. I sat down and recalled at what point I was on the peak and at what point it all went $5k sourer.

Imagine for a moment a point when I was up $1k and could’ve walked away with it. Then it was 800, 600, 400, 200, -5k.

Now that I write it out, the question arises “How the hell did I end up that far behind?” What possessed me to keep on playing? Many know what did, but the thought I never focused on was “why did I not stop the very last time I was still ahead?”

I’ve read somewhere about an experiment. Several couples of strangers were offered to play a game. One individual was given $100 and told to offer as much of it as they wanted to the second person who had a single choice of either taking the amount offered or declining and leaving with nothing.

To my large surprise, there were people who declined the offers deeming them too low. To my larger surprise – I was among those fools, not realizing that even an offer of 1 cent would leave me off 1 cent richer than I was before. Some declined 20, 40 and even 60 dollar offers without analyzing the scenario they were in.

I see a parallel in this experiment and the loss of $5k. Even if I stopped when I was $15 ahead, I’d still walk away a pack of cigarettes richer than I was before. What possessed my nature to go on is beyond me. Greed did…at first. Then hope to at least leave with what I came having.

After my story, I stepped back and thought if I could have done something better? Of course I could. We all could, but the best thought is usually the first one coming the next day.

Find this scenario familiar? It doesn’t have to be something as big as wasting 5 grand. It can be as tiny as not saying hello to that girl/boy you like, and covering it with time, weather, lack of money, lack of pants, lack of car or teeth.

Every day we are faced with doing something or not going for it. Should I wear a hat or risk catching a cold? Will catching a third cold this month get me fired? Will losing a job ruin my family? All these questions are no different than asking “Will I lose $5k today?”

Remember the elephant in NYC? It will either happen or not but the probability of it happening will vary on the chain of decisions you make. I personally found taking less damage when I that probability is considered.

Imagine a naked tree with countless branches. No leaves, just branches growing out of branches growing out of trunk. Imagine you take that tree and put it in the air horizontally. On top of it you stand, choosing which branch to walk on.

Every step you take will lead you to a next decision. You walk the left branch and next step you’ll have to choose whether to walk on the left branch again or take a right this time. This is you betting on yourself every day. This is you walking on the tree of your own life and making decisions hundreds of times every day.

No matter whether you will find someone to blame for it, the decision will remain yours and you will only be able to avoid making the next bad decision if you sit down and analyze the steps you took that lead to it happening.

I changed the way I saw my own decisions when I lost that day. When I began to bet on myself rather than bet on the machine, I realized that difference in the way you play Poker is not so different. The perception of putting something valuable on the table makes you much more careful and ultimately profitable. Even 1 cent is a win. A minor win but if you win daily, you will feel better about yourself, your close ones will feed off your positive energy, you will be richer and success will follow.

There is no such thing as a small-time winner, only greed and laziness. Two strong foes that we are born with, but no one ever said it was going to be easy or fair. You will lose, you will make dumb choices as part of our nature. It’s the way you will handle what follows will make you stand out from the crowd. Some will be too lazy to think, others too greedy to slow down. You on the other hand will take it all if you will always bet on yourself. That hardest truth is the one we have to tell ourselves.

Toys And Games For Differently-Abled Children

Every parent who happens to have a child with special needs will definitely do all that they can for the kid to learn and grow the right way. Perhaps, many parents are not aware but, learning and play can both be done at the same time.

There are educational and fun toys that are appropriate for kids of all ages with disabilities, and as parent, or gift-giver, you need to consider the child’s specific needs. Take note – whether it’s a physical or learning disability, choose the right playthings that can help create a solid foundation for his improvement. Plus, you need to build on whatever strengths are obvious.

Providing the Right Play Items for Young Children with Disabilities

Here are three examples of fun toys that can help support your special child’s limitations, such are:

1. Oball – Perfect for babies 12 months and up, this lightweight ball has holes on for tiny fingers to grasp. They can throw and catch it and in the process, develop their gross and fine motor skills. This hollow ball comes in various textures and colors – truly a big help for kids with sensory and visual impairments.

2. Wikki Stix Alphabet Cards – Each colorful stick is coated with a non-toxic wax, can be bended and twisted into shapes, letters, any form, which surely spells F-U-N for your tot. Join him in his play and you’ll be boosting his sensory and cognitive development, as well as his communication and social skills. Appropriate for ages 3 and up.

3. Elefun Game – It’s one of the cheap toys for kids, a toy elephant that blasts butterflies spouting more than four feet high in the air. For ages 3 to 6, kids will surely love catching the showers and sorting the butterflies. In the process, their gross and fine motor skills, as well as visual perception and scanning are improved. A great activity when integrated into a party, guests will surely have fun, their social skills enhanced, too.

What To Choose If You’re The Gift-Giver

It may be a bit confusing and sometimes daunting when looking for the apt gift to give a differently-abled child. This is quite true especially if you’re not an immediate family member and don’t have any idea about the kid’s preferences.

A lot of child experts agree that gift-givers oftentimes make a mistake when shopping for toys as they tend to under- or overestimate the ability of the special child. That could be very frustrating to all parties involved, especially if the age- and ability-appropriate toys is not balanced or unmet.

Remember, you’ll never go wrong with an educational toy designed to help with a handicap. Yet, not all children will enjoy educational materials according to experts. They might even find such to be frustrating.

What To Do

All kids, including those with impairment, surely have a wide range of interests. Should you want to pursue the gift-giving, don’t hesitate to consult the child’s parents first regarding his personality and preferences. This way, you’ll also be encouraging the parents to reach out and make them open to discussions about their loved one.

Gift-givers may think that toys and games that involved interaction or sports equipment is not a good idea. Yet, experts again say that social interaction is necessary if you want to help the child grow well. Hence, consider this fact when buying gifts.

Luckily today, certain toy manufacturers and organizations are already aware of this dilemma. In response, they have come up with several strategies including the creation of technology-assisted toys. Example is a soccer ball that beeps – just appropriate for children with visual handicap.

There are still many more. What’s important is that, these toy-makers and institutions have realized the importance of issuing guidelines for special children in their funny games and toys specifically for children with physical, cognitive or developmental disabilities.

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Have a Roaring Good Time at a Safari Jungle Party with Safari Jungle Party Games and Activities

Bring the thrills and excitements of the Safari Jungle theme party with fun party games. Safari Jungle Party Games can range from relay race tag games, throwing games, find and capture, and other fun games that will keep children active all party long.

The Crocodile Walk: This fun filled and exciting game is played by putting a board on blocks. The object of the game is to walk across the board while trying to balance small objects on the players head such as fruit (players can use one hand to balance the fruit (emphasizing holding onto the fruit because food is in short supply in the safari jungle). Spilt the players into team and have each player walk across the crocodile crossing as fast as possible. The first team to complete their turn without falling is the winning team. If a player should fall off the board they must start again. from the beginning.

Monkey Banana Relay race. Monkey Banana Relay race is played by giving one banana to each team (spilt players into two teams). Create an obstacle course for the players using boxes, chairs, tables, and anything stationary. Line the players up in single file. On go, the first player in each team places the banana between their legs or chin and must run as fast as possible without dropping it. If the player does drop the banana they must start the obstacle course from the beginning. Once the first player returns to the starting line they must give the banana to their teammate. If the first player used their chin to carry the banana the second player must use their legs alternating carrying techniques. The first team to complete the obstacle course wins Monkey Banana Relay Race.

The Elephant Game: This fun game is played with either big bags or large containers of peanuts. Line up 5-6 buckets or players with the peanuts inside. Before placing the peanuts inside the buckets or pales place small safari jungle toys such as tigers, elephants, zebras, monkeys and other animals. Spilt the players in two teams of 4-5 players depending on the number of players available. When the players hear the word, go they race to the peanut containers and try to locate the toys that have been hidden under the peanuts. Once the toy is found, they race back and tag their teammate and then that teammate races to the bucket to find another toys and so forth. The players can choose which bucket or pales they want to look through. At the end of the time the team with the most toys wins.